Broadway Methodist Church

Faith in the heart of Meir


Faith in the Heart of Meir 

Our Mission Statement:

Ø  Bringing people together to know and to deepen the love of God in their lives.

Ø  Maintaining a friendly and welcoming Church in the heart of Meir which is open to all.

Ø  Caring for and reaching out to the local community and its needs with compassion.

Ø  Challenging and acting when we believe there is injustice and prejudice.


Below are some of the ways that we have worked towards our mission statement, including a few pending projects:

Bringing people together

          Prayer and Meditation
          Bible study
Meeting together in small groups. 
Consulting with the young people 
          Making our Services varied and attractive to all.
Energising ourselves and our worship.

Maintaining a friendly and welcoming Church

         Maintaining our Church buildings and grounds in a good state of repair
         Ensuring we develop and use the right people skills to make people feel Welcome and known in the Church. 
         Making good use of the website.

Caring for and reaching out to the local community

    Visiting Schools and Residential Homes to share the love of God. Praying for our Community street by street on a weekly basis. Publicising our activities by leaflet drops, poster campaigns, door to door leaflet and visiting,
    Having notice boards where they can be seen.
    ecoming a Food Bank Distribution Centre.

Challenging and acting

        Supporting activities such as the Princess Basra Centre in Jerusalem and Kairos in Palestine 
upporting the local food banks


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  • Stoke-on-Trent
  • Staffordshire
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